Scalp Micropigmentation Provides Bold Look, But is it Suitable for Everyone?

There are multiple reasons for baldness in both men and women. Most of the time plethora of factors work in sync to cause this health issue. In a wide range of cases, most people face hair loss inevitably due to the natural aging process. Before choosing the SMP process as an available option for a new aesthetic look, one must be well acquainted with basic facts. As listed below, various factors might cause hair loss to occur.

Causes for Hair Loss

Genetics are responsible for influencing Male Pattern Baldness in a big way. Dihydrotestosterone comes into play as a genetic sensitivity to cause MPB. Ninety-five percent of the time, loss of hair in men or women is a direct cause of androgenic alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness), according to research conducted by the American Hair Loss Association. Male Pattern Baldness is a fierce hereditary issue considering that before 21 years of age, 25 percent of men with inherited MPB start experiencing baldness. Furthermore, around the age of 35, men will at least experience baldness for sure.

Medical factors also play a vital part in causing hair loss. Alopecia Areata is a medical condition that leads to baldness in an unnoticeable way. It is quite a rare condition but still bears a severe adverse effect. It occurs without detection when follicles are deemed as a threat by the immune system and consequently attacked.

Another factor can be stress and trauma that, in medical terms, is called Telogen Effluvium. Even though this chronic condition is temporary, it is still not uncommon to cause a long term effect. Thus in such cases, it will necessitate a fast call to action.

Baldness also occurs as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and nutritional choices. Unhealthy diets, no exercise, and smoking habits also lead to the inability to grow natural and healthy hair.

Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

The research literature is indicative of the origins of Scalp Miicropigmentation (SMP). Although SMP was initiated in its current form in 2002, research points to its conceptual utilization in different ways back to 1970.

SMP process

Scalp Micropigmentation is primarily intended for hair follicles restoration stimulating bald areas to strength and density. SMP is a popular treatment method due to its effectiveness in dealing with severe MPB and minor thinning conditions. It can be considered to be like Microblading to some extent, but there is a caveat involved in SMP. It uses an electric tattoo device to ensure value-added results because higher power is needed to penetrate the thick scalp skin. So, microneedles are used in SMP to tattoo the scalp.

The hair density in the SMP process is the determinant of price and the process duration. Density gives an idea as to the number of follicles and color usage. The process is designed to take extra precautions for skin protection in specific skin issues like dry or highly sensitive skin. The process will entail the proper blending of more follicles and additional considerations in case of severe skin issues like scars. Scar treatments can be expensive. However, there is no need to worry. Many quality SMP-related clinics provide financing choices that are set over manageable periods.

Costs in SMP

There are various numbers of factors that define the costs involved in an effective SMP process. Elements like country locations for a clinic’s country location, clinic choice, and procedure type. In the case of scarring issues alone, the cost can be 1,200 USD To 2,500 USD. In the USA, a standard multiple session procedure can cost from 2,000 USD to 4,000 USD.

The time frame of SMP Effects

SMP treatment is a permanent treatment due to a highly slow rate of fading. Depending on one’s point of view, this effect can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Usually, appropriate repeat treatment is needed after a four to six years timeframe.

Scalp Micropigmentation Pros

The best stress-free solution in the baldness treatment based market is SMP due to its high effectiveness, lack of recurring maintenance costs, and highly organic nature. The significance is measured in terms of versatile procedure, i.e., diverse baldness issues. Scalp Micropigmentation carries a highly organic nature in many cases. Finally, the lack of maintenance recurs in very few cases. Even if it occurs in rare cases, the cost is relatively cheap.

On the other hand, SMP can be perceived as stressful due to some factors. SMP look can experience an increased fading rate because it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays from the sun. People with the inclination to keep long hair will be at a disadvantage because of SMP’s procedural requirement. Finally, being a permanent treatment SMP requires laser treatment for removal. Laser treatments can be quite costly, time-consuming, and painful.

Scalp Micropigmentation Compatibility

A thorough assessment of the Scalp Micropigmentation process will help decide on its compatibility with patients’ needs. There might be some reasons for hesitations for deciding on the ones stated above. However, holistically speaking, if one conducts a simple cost-benefit analysis, he/she can easily observe that benefits will outweigh the costs by a large margin. In many cases, special aesthetic look conditions necessitate SMP.

It might be hard to notice the clear benefits of using SMP treatment. Let us look at the reasons that the rest of the article will elaborate on below!

Uses of Scalp Micropigmentation

Many patients seeking the treatment assume that SMP is aimed at people with hair loss to achieve an added texture to thinning hair. Moreover, consequently improve the freshly shaved aesthetic look. However, in contrast, the reality is that SMP can be utilized for various reasons, e.g., receding hairlines can be edged up with SMP. It is just a single example. Let us look at multiple other benefits:

  • Blending Birthmarks
  • Burn and surgery-related baldness
  • Density addition to thinning hair
  • Hiding scars resulting from transplants
  • Blending moles, scars, or blemishes
  • Managing loss of hair from HIV, cancer, or lupus
  • Usage by women to diminish the contrast between head and scalp.

Is SMP Suitable?

For a patient reading this article, there is a high probability that they are considering Scalp Micropigmentation. Many patients experience impressive results as a result of SMP and almost always report high rates of satisfaction. If benefits stated in the preceding sections fulfill patients’ needs, they will most likely benefit from SMP. In any case, booking a consultation for detailed suggestions and inquires is the best way forward. Assessments are carried out on an individual basis for every patient.

However, before the consultation stage, it is essential to understand some facts about the process expectations. These facts and consultation will help the patient address the question, Is Scalp Micropigmentation Suitable?

While answering the compatibility question, one should realize that SMP provides solutions to many hair loss issues. Resultantly, it is growing in popularity every passing day. The most appropriate candidates will most likely subscribe to the applications explained below.

Scalp Micropigmentation provides an excellent cover for baldness with a modern aesthetic look via technique, a special needle, and pigment. SMP is a perfect remedy for hair loss and the best reason for a person to opt for it. It does not matter if one has lost hair all over the scalp or just in a few places. SMP is useful in hiding the more comprehensive hair parts for women, especially. In general, this is the first significant indication that hair is headed towards thinning. So SMP can come into play and give the best repair solution that patients’ hair deserves. A person who has undertaken a hair transplant is left with scars usually. Transplant scars are another primary reason to use SMP for camouflaging the scars. SMP is also pursued by people who are interested in adding density to their already existing hair. Lastly, the SMP procedure is ideal for restoring the receding hairlines. At our HairLossClinic or HISHAIRClinic based in Toronto, our experts would suggest a natural-looking hairline. However, they are happy to oblige any fashionable look a patient may opt to pursue.

On the other hand, we must also advise taking caution in certain conditions. People with skin conditions should take special care when seeking treatments like SMP. Our Special trichologist consultation specialists can help determine if SMP is a compatible treatment or not. People affected with skin conditions like psoriasis may experience quick fading of pigment. Also, people with alopecia should take care, but their condition can also be assessed on an individual case basis. Pregnant women should avoid this procedure because there might be unwanted complications.


In conclusion, Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical cosmetic tattoo treatment that is entirely non-surgical and non-invasive. It is best suited for patients (both men and women) suffering from permanent or any other form of baldness due to thinning hair, cancer, HIV, or alopecia. In the past, SMP has proven to be quite useful in building confidence and self-esteem via a new modern aesthetic look. The treatment will provide a confident, daring, and bold buzz cut/freshly shaved head look instead of the patient’s previous partial or utterly bald look.

As every patient carries a distinct scalp and face shape, so if one considers SMP, they should know that it is not one solution for all kind of deal. Every individual need consultation assessment based on their respective particular case. At our clinics, SMP practitioners work hard with extreme care to provide a natural and undetectable hairline and a fuller appearance after proper consultation and customized design specifications. Please book a free consultation by calling (647) 492-9093 or visiting our website.

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