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SMP Scalp Micropigmentation, often called Hair Tattoo, is a technique where the scalp area is tattooed with tiny dots to mimic the look of real hair follicles. Even at close range, these dots look very realistic. SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss. The 3-session procedure just takes 3 visits spaced 1-week apart to be completed.
We do the entire scalp area on each session, so you can go abouts your daily routine right after the 1st session.

FMP or Facial Micropigmentation has also grown in popularity due to the popular stubble look as seen on many celebrities. FMP is similar to SMP, but instead of doing the scalp area, we treat the mustache, goatee, sideburns, and beard areas. Because the skin is different around the face than on the scalp, our skilled technicians have been trained specifically for BOTH SMP and FMP.

Unlike regular tattoos, SMP and FMP does not penetrate your skin as deeply. SMP/FMP ink retains its colour over time, so years from now, you will not need to worry about the blueish colour that old regular tattoos look tend to become. The colour ink chosen for your SMP/FMP is based on your hair colour and skin colour as well. Our technicians will go over that with you during your initial free consultation.



Our SMP and FMP technique was developed and fine-tuned to perfect the 3D realistic look of hair follicles. We do 3 sessions to achieve this look.

Non-Invasive, Immediate Results

No down time, each session takes approximately 2 hours for SMP and 1 hour for FMP. Each session is spaced around 1-week apart.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

With alternative hair loss solutions, you need to use the topical or oral solution for life. With SMP and FMP, once it is done, there is very little maintenance required. Over time, that is big savings over other hair loss treatments. Most hair transplant requires 3 sessions. Our 3 sessions cost approximately the same as 1 transplant session.

Long Lasting and Permanent Solution

SMP and FMP are permanent hair loss solutions. After the 3 sessions, you don’t require a touch up for at least 8-15 years. If you go out in the sun more often without sunscreen, then you may require a touch-up sooner.

Confidence Booster

SMP and FMP is a life changing experience. Clients often wished they had done it sooner. SMP and FMP are great investments to boost your confidence. We have seen how it has transformed the lives of thousands of our clients over the years.


Who invented SMP? Ian Watson of HIS Hair Clinic developed the SMP technique in 2002 in the United Kingdom. He was suffering from alopecia due to stress from the loss of his brother to cancer. After intensive research for his hair loss problem, he concluded there was non suitable for him.

Ian developed the SMP technique after many trial and errors. After honing this specialized technique alongside some of the most renown hair loss experts and pigmentation practitioners on Harley Street, London England, and Melbourne, Australia, SMP Scalp Micropigmentation was developed.

Ian realized that this new hair loss technique could help the thousands of people around the world with their hair loss problem. Today HIS Hair Clinic is known around the world as the leader in SMP. Our Canadian HIS Hair Clinic is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. If you’re thinking of getting SMP or FMP, why not come in for a free consultation with no obligations.

Ian was subject to the world’s first SMP® treatment, therefore as an ambassador for the technique, the results are there for all to see.  Since then, the technique has been tested and refined in order to be able to prove the treatment is completely effective, since regular tattooing inks applied using traditional techniques have the tendency to change colour and migrate under the dermal layer of the skin over a period of time.

SMP® is changing the way people from around the world combat their hair loss problems.  Whereas in the past the only solutions have been temporary (hair systems, concealers etc.), have had their effectiveness called into question or involve a surgical procedure, some of which result in scarring of the scalp, at last people have a viable alternative.


HIS Hair Clinic technicians around the world are professionally trained at HIS Hair United Kingdom’s head office. Over the years of treating thousands of clients our SMP technique is regarded and respected as the best in the world. This has allowed HIS Hair Clinic to see and understand the results and longevity of the treatment on many of our SMP clients since 2002. The long-term effect of the SMP treatment on clients over these years have confirmed that the treatment is safe and the treatment can last over this long period of time. Our experience is crucial and relates to preserving best results and how to successfully overcome the potential risks of colour change and migration underneath the epidermal layer of the skin.

His Hair Clinic does not offer regular tattoo services or permanent makeup. Our specialty is in SMP and FMP. You deserve the best and our highly trained technicians have the artistic flare will give you the perfect new hair line, carefully constructed follicle densities and exact colour matches.

SMP and FMP are big decisions. Why not come for a free no obligation at our clinic. Please give us a call at 647-492-9093. Looking forward to meeting with you.

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